Fire Safety Manager for a Building

Course Details

  • Safety Solutions OGP
  • 2d
  • Minimum Places 5
    Maximum Places 16
  • Fire Safety Manager for a Building
    Valid for 3 Years

Course Objective

This course is tailored to person managing a building or fire safety in a building.


The objectives of the training are as  follows:


To provide attendees with an overall appreciation of the key elements of the applicable legislation and the responsibilities relating to this legislation. Attendees to be able to apply this directly to their building/workplace.

To ensure that attendees gain clear understanding of fire safety design in buildings and be able to apply and recognise this in their own buildings.

To ensure that attendees are able to plan and prepare for fire emergencies in their buildings to include management of key stakeholders such as fire wardens and emergency services.

To ensure that attendees are able to manage day to day fire safety such as ensuring that fire maintenance contracts are in place and being maintained. 


Certificate of Attendance. 

Target Candidates

This course is tailored to person managing a building or fire safety in a building.

The building manager/ competent person/ accommodation manager is relating to the person appointed as the competent health and safety appointee under section 18 of the Health, Safety and Welfare at work act 2005. The title of this role will differ from organisation to organisation. Participant role is one of local health and safety coordination, fire safety and emergency planning and preparedness for occupants of the building.

Reference To Legislation

The training course addresses the requirements of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 (10/2005) and relevant Regulations and Orders made under the Act, including General Application Regulations, and subsequent updates. The course also covers key fire safety legislation including the Fire Services Act 1981 & 2003, Building Regulations with reference to Technical Guidance Document Part B-Fire and other key standards/guidance documents, and any subsequent updates.                             



Course Agenda

Fire Legislation and guidance documents
This will include references to various applicable legislation and will address the requirements therein. Codes of practice and guidance from the HSA also detailed.

Duties of the fire safety manager 
Day to day duties in terms of managing the building and staff activities in order to maintain compliance. 

Fire Dynamics
Behaviour of fire in various environments, spread of fire and phase of fire growth explained. 

Firefighting equipment
Various Equipment available in the workplace, servicing and maintenance and statuary inspections of this equipment. This to include all firefighting equipment, fire detection systems, emergency lighting and suppression/sprinkler systems as applicable to the workplace. 

Fire Safety Auditing
Development of a fire safety audit systems and completion of a fire safety audit (dependent om the permission of the building manager of the building where the course is being carried out) 

Completing and maintaining fire safety registers
Fire register, maintenance and completion. 

Evacuation planning
Planning for and facilitating evacuations, carrying out debriefs and engaging all stakeholders such as fire wardens.