Fire Warden to Include Fire Extinguisher

Course Details

  • Safety Solutions OGP
  • 1d
  • Minimum Places 5
    Maximum Places 16
  • Fire Warden to Include Fire Extinguisher
    Valid for 3 Years

Course Objective

The course objective is: 

To provide attendees with the skills to carry out effective evacuation sweep of their areas.

The skills to effectively use first aid firefighting equipment.

The ability to identify any fire safety hazards in their working areas.

The knowledge and skills to complete fire safety register. 


Certificate of attendance.

Target Candidates

Appointed Fire Wardens/Fire Marshals /Accommodation Officers as appropriate

Reference To Legislation

The training course addresses the requirements of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 (10/2005) and relevant Regulations and Orders made under the Act, including General Application Regulations, and subsequent updates.  



Course Agenda

Fire Legislation and guidance documents
This will include references to various applicable legislation and will address the requirements therein.

Fire Causation and hazards, typical causes of fire in the workplace.
This to be explained using PPT and videos, attendees will be encouraged to identify the various potential causes of fire/fire hazards in the building in which they work.

Fire Action in the event of hearing the alarm and discovery of fire.
This will be explained using PPT. These procedures whilst generally standardized across most office environments will be specific to the environment where the training is taking place. Various typical human behaviours in these scenarios will be explored.

Escape routes and evacuation procedures.
This will be explained using PPT and relevant images and will be specific to the premises, this will incorporate the assembly point(s) location(s) and will include PEEP (Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans).

Role of the Fire Warden
This will be explained using PPT and procedures specific to the premises, the role of the fire warden in the event of emergency as well as on a day to day basis will be detailed. Carrying out evacuation sweeps will be incorporated.

Fire Chemistry and Fire Spread
Fire Triangle explained as well as the various means of fire spread and the growth of fire.

Various types of fires (classes)
Classification of fire will be detailed and will explained to attendees.

Various fire-fighting equipment
This to be explained using PPT and relevant props, this will include various types of fire extinguishers as well as fire blankets and hose reels, hose reels will not be used on the training session.

Fire Safety Checks in the workplace, completion of fire safety register
This covers what fire safety checks should be carried out in the workplace and is covered by PPT as well as practical skills needed to complete the fire safety register. 

Practical use of firefighting equipment
This involves the use of firefighting equipment i.e. Foam and CO2 extinguishers in an external location on live controlled fire. All attendees to complete use of extinguishers. The fire used will be fully controllable and in compliance with environmental requirements. 

End Theory Test
Completed by all attendees.